Buy a special pad for your mobile phone. A must-have for every modern smartphone.

We are the sole producer of this stylish and elegant eco-leather pad, made specially to help protecting your smartphone from scratches and free you from mobile case around your home and office. Feel the comfort of lightweight, thin, mobile phone.

Soft and nice to touch, durable, easy to clean, eco-leather material on the top. The bottom is made from special anti-slip surface.

Smartphone Pad Size: 6.3" x 3.35" x 0.12" - 16 cm x 8.5 cm x 3 mm

Scratches appear very quickly, when you put away your new smartphone directly on tables and other hard surfaces you like placing it on. Even small grains of sand easily scratch the fragile, often glossy mobile phone body, the front screen, camera lens.

All this despite enforced front screen glass and other "scratch-resistant" body materials.


Our pad solves the problem instantly. Soft surface leaves no scratches.

Video: See it in action. Comfortable, just great.

We are 100% confident about the usefulness of our pad in everyday life. After a moment it will feel natural to put an expensive phone on this pad and not on a bare table. Aren't you tired of placing your mobile on wallet?

The quality is great. We were using this product for 2 years in our offices and homes, before deciding to sell it. After 2 years of normal use,  this product was like on day 1 - basically nothing happened to it. The comfort and elegance are very noticeable too.

Additionally there is another measurable benefit - a much higher resale value of  smartphone later, when a decision is made to replace it with a newer model. This  pad can earn for itself several times.

With the above confidence in our product we wish to give you 1 full month (30 days) of unconditional money back guarantee. We are sure you will use and love this pad, but If happens you don't like it, then write to us, send the pad back and your order will be refunded. Our refund policy is here


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Shipping cost of 1 each item: FREE SHIPPING!

Shipping time: within 48 hours after receiving payment.  Orders not shipped can be canceled.

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